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Mednafen 1.22.1, Emulateur multi-systèmes

Par shu, le 29/01/2019, 00:19

Mednafen 1.22.1

Voici la dernière version stable pour ce véritable couteau suisse de l'émulation console qu'est Mednafen, celui-ci passant en version 1.22.1.

Pour rappel, il émule les systèmes suivants : Atari Lynx, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, NES, SNES, PC Engine (CoreGrafx et TurboGrafx 16) et SuperGrafx, PC-FX, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), WonderSwan (Color), Virtual Boy, Game Gear, Master System, Megadrive, et Playstation.

Principaux changements :

Minor bugfix release.

Changelog :

-- 1.22.1: --

January 27, 2019:
Changed the default sound device for the OpenBSD sound driver from "/dev/audio" to "/dev/audio0".

January 26, 2019:
Semaphores are now implemented with condition variables and mutexes when compiling against a POSIX threads implementation without sem_timedwait().

January 23, 2019:
PC-FX: Replaced old RAINBOW IDCT code with newly-written code.

January 20, 2019:
Some hotkeys in the debugger's memory editor weren't being ignored properly when in text entry mode; fixed. (Regression introduced in 1.21.0-UNSTABLE)

January 1, 2019:
Apple2: Corrected minimum allowed value for the "" setting(was -2 when it should have been -3).

SS: Corrected line-scroll handling in double-density interlaced mode with non-zero LSS; fixes broken background graphics effect in Dural's stage in "Virtua Fighter 2".

SS: Added "Linkle Liver Story" to the internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix a crash/hang when going to the world map.

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